2014 Yale Federalist Society Symposium: Achieving Intellectual Diversity  

2014 Yale Federalist Society Symposium: Achieving Intellectual Diversity

Opening Remarks

Video available at following link

 ROBERT POST, Dean, Yale Law School

 JOEL ALICEA, President Emeritus, Harvard Federalist Society

 BENJAMIN FIELD, President, Yale Federalist Society


Panel I: What Can Law Schools Do to Encourage Intellectual Diversity?

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A discussion of the role of law school administrations in promoting intellectual diversity

 CHARLES FRIED, Beneficial Professor of Law, Harvard Law School 

 ALVIN KLEVORICK, Deputy Dean, Yale Law School

 PAUL MAHONEY, Dean, University of Virginia School of Law

 Moderator: JOHN LANGBEIN, Sterling Professor of Law and Legal History, Yale Law School


Panel II: What Can Intellectual Diversity Do for the Practice of Law?

Article by Roger Clegg about this session available at the following link

A discussion of how a lack of intellectual diversity hurts students entering practice and what can be done about it

 ROGER CLEGG, President and General Counsel, Center for Equal Opportunity

 MELISSA MOURGES, Chief of Forensic Sciences/Cold Case Unit, Manhattan DA’s Office

 BEN ZIMMER, Executive Director, Connecticut Policy Institute

 Moderator: LOGAN BEIRNE, Olin Scholar, Yale Law School


Panel III: What Can Intellectual Diversity Do for Legal Scholarship? 

Video available at following link

A discussion of the empirical argument for greater intellectual diversity at law schools, specific areas of law not 

addressed at the HLS conference, and how better intellectual diversity can improve the legal academy more broadly

 MICHAEL NEWTON, Professor of the Practice of Law, Vanderbilt Law School

 JAMES PHILLIPS, JSP Candidate, UC Berkeley School of Law

 NICHOLAS QUINN ROSENKRANZ, Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center

 Moderator: NATALIE HAUSKNECHT, Yale Federalist Society